Saturday, March 30, 2013

elite 8

I think the matchup that everyone is failing to look at is ohio state and wichita state. To me, Ohio State looks like a team that has the failure to pull away from teams. Everyone keeps saying that they are so clutch and can win close games but fail to look at the flip side. Why are they always in these close games? They have failed to play a top tier team yet and it has taken 2 buzzerbeaters to get where they are today.I think that they finally go down to wichita state. Book it.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Buy or Sell? Sabres version

If I was the GM of the Buffalo Sabres organization it is very clear what I need to do right now. The team is not up to snubb in its performance. The first thing I do, with the trade deadline coming up next week, is try to unload all of the useless baggage. Players like Hect and Stafford need to go. They are just not adding anything to this team whatsoever. I dont care what you can get for them just do it. Then I would trade Pomminville. You could trade him either in a package with Stafford or just by himself but I want something for him. He has been a decent player over the year and I would expect someone to at least have something decent to offer for him. I would try to get maybe one skilled player on offense and a solid d man. We need help back on d. We give up way to many shots and players like Myers are not showing much sign of potential. I would then go and make Steve Ott the captain of this team. Making Pomminville captain was one of the dumbest things that has ever happened in this franchise's history. A captain needs to be a vocal leader who can get players fired up on and off the ice. I'll admit for Ott to be captain I believe he would have to change his game up a tad. He can't get dumb penalties for blowing kisses to players and he really has to stop taking the dumb tripping penalties he seems to take every game. Keep Miller and Vanek, they are the soul of this team. Draft a few good players and throw Grigorenko back in and things have no where to go but up

Matt Flynn to the Bills??

Matt Flynn? No thank you. I am hoping that the approach to this new bills regime is that they will cut it out with all of the recycling. Matt Flynn is not a proven quarterback. The bills got stuck with Fitzpatrick. To see them go out for the highest paid backup in the entire league is a joke. I would rather see a return of Vince Young to the bills over them trying to go out and even make an attempt at Flynn.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Join the Bandwagon quick!

If you are a fan of a NHL team that is not doing so well and are looking for some advice on what to be rooting for come playoff time than here ya go. Things are not looking so good for the Buffalo Sabres. They needed to go a projected 12-4 in their remaining games to hopefully scour up enough points to make a late playoff seed. They just blew it to a crappy team with no coach and sub par goaltending. Now they need to go around 12-3 and still hope that teams around them struggle. Well the rangers islanders and jets all won. Im almost ready to close the curtain. My number two team of late has been the Edmonton Oilers and I highly recommend ya'll to jump on board. They have been really crummy the past 4 years. This has resulted in a bunch of high draft picks and some crazy good young talent. One might call it the Indianapolis Colt effect multiplied by a few times. With players like Nail Yakupov, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and many others I wouldn't be surprised if in the next few years they start to make the push to top of west. Ironically enough, they are in a similar situation with the Sabres currently. They are trying to make a late push for the playoffs and in the west things are even more difficult. When it is gonna come to just teams to watch in the playoffs, I have some good recommendations. The Penguins are always fun as hell to watch. No matter who they play they churn out good series. They are just such a good hockey team and if you are a fan you can appreciate what they are able to do. I really believe they are the best team in the league (Eastern Conference bias). As for who else in the East I recommend that you stay away from the Canadians, Bruins, Devils, and Capitals (supposing they make it). The first three teams there are just all really boring to watch. Watching the devils in the stanley cup last year was as bland as it could get (thank God for the kings). The Flyers are a fun team to watch if they make it. They are one of those teams that really make for good series. Final team to watch for in east is the Rangers. They should be more of a talented fun to watch team considering they have so many good pieces. Who knows maybe they pull it together before end of season. The Western conference is a lot more, as much as I hate to say it, fun. Obviously Chicago is a pretty fun team to watch when they are winning. Same with Anaheim. One team to look at is Minnesota. I think they could make a run. San Jose and Vancouver always play some lose fun playoff hockey. Always be on lookout for the Kings of Los Angeles. I guess last year they made a pretty big statement. They have still shown quite a bit this season. I pray that Edmonton can sneak into 7th or 8th so that they can make a run because I think they have the fire power and d line to play good puck with anybody. Just make sure you go somewhere. I highly recommend getting into the NHL playoffs if you can. It is as fun as event as any to follow and having a team to root for always makes things better.

The Ravens (abandon ship!?)

The Baltimore Ravens are destroying themselves. I think we can all admit that they were not the most dominant team that has ever played. They barely squeaked past the 49ers. Joe Flacco is a slightly above average quarterback at best who just looked good because he can throw an above average deep ball. We noticed throughout the season that there run d was a bend but not break. They were giving up 200+ rushing yards a game. The reason they held together was strong play from some of the younger guys. Remember Suggs did not play for the first half of the season. It was up to the play of Krueger and Ellerbe at the end of the season that helped them make the playoffs. It was then their strong play combined with Bernard Pollard, who is just the Patriot wrecker, and Bolden who made some insane catches. All of those players are gone. No more Krueger or Ellerbe or Pollard or Bolden. Yikes. Abandon the ship that is the Baltimore Ravens. People can start getting back on the Steelers bandwagon as we can only hope and pray that either they or the broncos can take down the Pats come playoff time

My view on the Hollinger power rankings (NBA)

I really want to rip apart the Hollinger power rankings. For those of you that aren't aware, the Hollinger power rankings is some crap system that John Hollinger has put together that ranks the NBA teams. He does it through espn. For a casual nba fan I go to it expecting the heat #1 (since they have only won like the past 27 or whatever...) and San Antonio #2 (since they have second best record in league) and then maybe a team like denver at three considering that they have only won the past 15 games, and looking dominant in those games beating teams like Oklahoma City. Instead I go to it and see Okc at #1. My mind is officially blown. The heat have put the second most dominant streak of basketball together, only behind the laker team that won 33 straight. It makes no sense to me. How can a team that is so dominant not be number one in a power ranking system. It makes no sense. I dont care what he keeps in account when he calculates that. A 5 year old could tell it the way it should be. A team wins 20 plus straight games regardless of sports should be the #1 in any power rankings that is anywhere under the sun. Another thing that drives me crazy about it is the fact that the clippers are number three in this ranking. Anyone that has watched any basketball all season knows that the clippers aren't anywhere near where they were back in december and january. They have petered out big time. To add more insult to injury, the Nuggets end up at 6th behind the Pacers. I will admit that the Nuggets are my favorite team in the NBA and there is some bias there but putting the pacers ahead of them is a joke. You have gotta be stinking kidding me about that. The nuggets have catapulted themselves into talk of maybe winning the entire western conference. They have been far superior to the thunder in recent match ups. I believe that if they somehow ended up playing the thunder in either the western conference finals or second round they could beat them. How are they behind the pacers? People don't even talk about the pacers as a legitimate threat to the heat. Alright im done. What a fricken joke.

Introductory post

There are not many things in the world that can make people feel excitement the way that sports do. My life revolves around sports. I watch it all, from woman's soccer against japan in the world cup, to the cardinals nationals in the mlb playoffs to the Mike Emerick announced olympic water polo games.
 Sports make me happy. I can only hope that sports touch people out there the way that they touch me. One thing I have always wanted to do is just have an open conversation with anyone out there about sports and this gives me that opportunity. I will have the chance to talk about the way that I feel about certain things through this. I realize that there are few people out there that care about what I have to think about sports but I believe if you give some of the things I have to say a chance, they could work out relatively well. Please note that I don't really care about making this gramatically correct. I just wanna voice my opinions on sports. I hope that one day I can look back on this and say it was a good idea and that people do indeed find something I have to say interesting.. But I suppose that is just to be determined.